Course Curriculum

    1. Meet your Instructors

    1. What is a Spec?

    2. Historical vs Digital Specs

    3. Who Needs Specs?

    4. Why Do You Need Specs?

    5. State of Spec Data Management

    6. Full Report: The State of Specification Management

    7. TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Specifications 101

    1. Spec Management: a New Category of Software

    2. Spec-First & Many to Many Relationships

    3. How to Deploy a Spec-First Approach

    4. Outcomes of Spec-First Approach

    5. User Perspective - The Power of Many to Many Relationships

    6. TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Value of a Spec-First Approach

    1. Why Does Data Drive Templates?

    2. Filling out a Specification with Critical Information

    3. Material-Specific vs One-Size-Fits-All Templates

    4. Data Standardization

    5. Gartner: Compare the Progress of Your Digital Supply Chain Roadmap

    6. TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Specification Templates

    1. SKU Consolidation

    2. Faster NPD

    3. Visibility Across the Supply Chain

    4. Analytics

    5. Sustainability

    6. Intelligent Quality Tracking

    7. Using Data to Drive Intelligent Quality Management

    8. User Perspective - The Outcomes of a Spec-First Approach


    1. The Shift to Sustainability

    2. Connecting Across Supply Chain Networks

    3. The Next Generation of Product and Packaging

    4. TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: The Future of Products and Packaging

    5. Download: The Evolution of Products and Packaging E-book

About this course

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  • 3 hours of video content


Matthew Wright

Specright, Founder & CEO

20+ years as a packaging executive, Sits on the Packaging Advisory Board at Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo, Founded Specright in 2015 to solve spec problems once and for all

Adam Armstrong

Specright, VP of Strategic Partnerships

6yrs+ Specright, Digital Strategy, Adjunct Professor at Cal Poly

Mike Anderson

Specright, Director of Value Engineering

7yrs+ Customer-focused Digital Transformation

What People Are Saying About Spec Academy

““My biggest takeaway was that Spec Data Management is critical to business success. It's not just for packaging engineers or packaging suppliers."”

20+ Yrs as a Packaging Engineering Professional

““My biggest takeaway was that sustainability metrics are only really possible when tracking through a comprehensive Spec Management platform.””

Quality Assurance Manager

“"I really enjoyed what this course had to offer. It provided great education on specification management, supply chain, industry trends, and much more. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about these topics.””

Packaging Student, California Polytechnic SLO