Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Meet your Instructors

  2. 2
    • What is a Spec?

    • Historical vs Digital Specs

    • Who Needs Specs?

    • Why Do You Need Specs?

    • State of Spec Data Management

    • Full Report: The State of Specification Management

    • TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Specifications 101

  3. 3
    • Spec Management: a New Category of Software

    • Spec-First & Many to Many Relationships

    • How to Deploy a Spec-First Approach

    • Outcomes of Spec-First Approach

    • User Perspective - The Power of Many to Many Relationships

    • TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Value of a Spec-First Approach

  4. 4
    • Why Does Data Drive Templates?

    • Filling out a Specification with Critical Information

    • Material-Specific vs One-Size-Fits-All Templates

    • Data Standardization

    • Gartner: Compare the Progress of Your Digital Supply Chain Roadmap

    • TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Specification Templates

  5. 5
    • SKU Consolidation

    • Faster NPD

    • Visibility Across the Supply Chain

    • Analytics

    • Sustainability

    • Intelligent Quality Tracking

    • Using Data to Drive Intelligent Quality Management

    • User Perspective - The Outcomes of a Spec-First Approach


  6. 6
    • The Shift to Sustainability

    • Connecting Across Supply Chain Networks

    • The Next Generation of Product and Packaging

    • TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: The Future of Products and Packaging

    • Download: The Evolution of Products and Packaging E-book

  7. 7
    • We love your feedback!

    • TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Final Assessment


Specright, Founder & CEO

Matthew Wright

20+ years as a packaging executive, Sits on the Packaging Advisory Board at Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo, Founded Specright in 2015 to solve spec problems once and for all

Specright, Director of Value Engineering

Mike Anderson

7yrs+ Customer-focused Digital Transformation

Specright, VP of Strategic Partnerships

Adam Armstrong

6yrs+ Specright, Digital Strategy, Adjunct Professor at Cal Poly